The Andalusian at Lark Creek, Our Drink of the Week!

The original Lark Creek in Marin County shuttered its doors this year, after a 25-year occupancy inside The Lark Creek Inn. They had little choice, as a furnace fire left extensive damage to the property. Yet their seasonal, sustainable and farm-fresh philosophy continues throughout their many properties up and down the state.

With an evolving menu, this lone Southern California branch of Lark Creek also makes a point of introducing a few new libations every season for good measure. And the one that gets the ol' DOTW treatment this time around is the Andalusian.


They listed housemade falernum and Chinese five-spice. Was it genius, or did someone behind the bar deserve a slap to the head? Reposado tequila took the brunt of the work, allowing hits of nutmeg to make cameos alongside Amontillado sherry, pineapple, lime and the aforementioned five-spice and falernum. It sounded more tropical/Betty Crocker mash-up than high-end cocktail, and the first two sips are awkward. But the third sees the flavors finally meshing, leading to a fourth, then an emptied glass, and yet another drink. Still an unusual combination–but the Andalusian works beautifully.

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