The 15 Most Outdated Rap Lines

By: Nick Nuk'em
As timeless and insightful as we'd like to think our favorite MCs are, there unfortunately comes a point when rhyme schemes that have become apart of pop culture are rendered invalid. Does it hurt that some of Pac's prophetic-sounding bars are now only a reflection of days that once were? And how long could the barrage of basketball references in hip-hop possibly stand the test of time? With that in mind, here's our list of the 15 Most Outdated Rap Lines.


Eminem, “Without Me”: (2002)
Line: “You don't know me, you're too old, let go. It's over, nobody listens to techno”
Unfortunately, all the heat Em had for Moby (talk about outdated) only manifested to radio rotations full of 130 BPM+ tracks intended for young'ns and bead-sporting pill poppers to shuffle to. Sorry, Marshall, we call it EDM now…and a lot of people listen to it.

Mack Maine of Young Money, “Every Girl” (2009)
Line:“In about 3 years, holla at me Miley Cyrus”
Somewhere in America, Miley Cyrus is still twerking…legally!

Ludacris, “Rollout (My Business)”(2001)
Line: “PlayStation 2 up in the ride, is that Lorenzo-kitted?”
Now that rappers have started rapping about G6 jets and all, the concept of “rim-rap” is fairly obsolete. No “Cadillacs on 22s” or none of that! Is Lorenzo -the rim company- even in still in biz-nass?! Plus, PlayStation 4 is rumored to be dropping at the end of this year.


Tupac, “Changes” (1998)
Line: “Even though its seems heaven sent, we ain't ready to have a black president”
Some of America is still not ready. Shoutout to Barack, though!

Jay-Z, “Excuse Me Miss” (2003)
Line: “Only thing missing is misses…”
What more can he say? Got the baddest chick in the game wearing his chain, having his babies, and pulling in just as many, if not more, corporate dollars as him. Since we first heard this line, the standard qualifications for power couples have been upped… Hella upped.

Kanye West, “Get 'Em High” (2004)
Line: “You know how girls on Black Planet be when they get bubbly” Remember the good ol' instant messaging, A/S/L days? Before Myspace Top 8s, “liked” status updates, and embarrassments like, “The Planet” (as cool people like Ginuwine and Missy Elliot fans often referred to it) was the virtual, urban hub.


The Game, “Wouldn't Get Far” (2007)
Line: “But since they all fall in my Palm, I'll take a trio”
As the rap game slowly got over Sidekicks and moved on to other “Nigga technology” -see Sam Jackson's character in the 11th episode of The Boondocks to lessen the offensiveness- PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) were marveled at by those in the hip-hop community. But since that time, Palm Pilots have become as imaginary as Money Mikes in Friday After Next.

DJ Quik, “Fandango” (2005)
Line: “You might find me in the Century Club. Fresh kicks, fresh cuts, pocket full of dubs”
Way before clubs like PlayHouse, Greystone, and other SBE establishments started poppin', the Century Club was the scene for LA's rich and famous rappers, athletes, and other types of ballers (bawlas?).

Jay-Z, “Show Me What You Got” (2006)
Line: “I ain't talking about the 2-3, mami in the zone the homie two-three. Jordan or James”
Two championships, a few MVPs, a new city, and a few hundred million dollars later, LeBron James–not to be confused with 49ers running back LaMichael James, who just began rocking the 2-3–changed his number to the product of his former player ID. You gotta love rap and it's multitude of sports homages.


Snoop Dogg, “Welcome to Atlanta (Coast to Coast Remix)” (2002)

Line: “Doggy dizzog, you know I like to bizzall. Like Kobe and Shaq so take that”
The fact that Uncle Snoop still likes to “bizall” is not in question. On the other hand, the idea that Kobe and the Big Aristotle didn't stay together to bring LA more rings just sucks. Perhaps, Kobe and Lakers' newest big man Chris Kaman will be mentioned in a line together.

Lil Flip, “Sunshine” (2004)
Line: “We can cruise the world in a Bentley Azure. But don't worry the chauffeur open the door.”
Bentley has stopped production on their once $300,000 whip since H-Town's Lil Flip was relevant. Plus, it would be a wise bet to take if someone challenged that Flip could afford a chauffeur more than 6 years after his last single slipped off the charts.

Fabolous, “Young'n (Hollaback)” (2001)
Line: “Pimpin, here's a new way to flirt. Now listen to the two-way alert it goes do-da-da-do-do”
What an awkward little mobile device stage the two-way was. Essentially, it was strictly an SMS sending machine setting the tone for Sidekicks and other expensive gadgets rappers would go on to attach to their hips.


Young Buck of G-Unit, “Stunt 101” (2002)
Line: “In a throwback jersey, with some throwback Nikes”
Before the days of hashtags coupled with baby pictures and pictures of chicks when they were #Skinny, “throwback” was only associated with Mitchell & Ness and Hardwood Classics jerseys bearing names like “Maravich”, “Gervin”, and “Montana”. But Jay-Z later decided it was much cooler to wear button-ups and clothes that actually fit on “Change Clothes” and the rap game decided to switch suits.

Ice Cube, “It Was a Good Day” (1993)
Line: “I had the brew, she had the chronic. The Lakers beat the Supersonics”
First off, Chronic is so turn-of-the-new-millennium. Only the cheapest of medical clinics and grimiest of street connects will even carry the stuff that was the inspiration for an entire era of West Coast rap. With Kush on the scene now, and the Supersonics making the move to OKC and the name change to “Thunder”, we actually wonder what Shawn Kemp is getting high on and these days.

Kanye West, “The New Workout Plan” (2003)
Line: “Ooh girl, yo breath is harsh. Cover your mouth up like you got SARS”
Though you still see the occasional person –usually from the Orient– walking around in public or driving around with a doctor's mask on, the SARS virus that once scared the whole world from breathing around one another has subsided after causing a pandemic stretching from Hong Kong to the States just about a decade ago. Unfortunately for Kanye and his halitosis having companion, Listerine strips would not be released for another couple years.

Honorable Mentions:

Any mention of Murcielagos will be soon outdated since Lamborghini stopped making the car in 2010 and has moved on to the production of cars called the “Aventador”, which has a convertible starting at $440,000.

After dedicating a whole diss song for the city of Miami, Lil Wayne will probably refrain from calling Dade County his second home the way he has in several verses.

It would probably take going back to a record in Big Daddy Kane's or Kool G Rap's heyday to find lyrics that predate rappers bragging about hellacious amounts of Cristal being consumed by them and their entourages, but since news broke that the owner of the overpriced alcohol was racist, MCs have moved on to Ace of Spades, Rosé and other thousand dollar bottles of bubbles.

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