The #1 Cocktail At Mr. BBQ, Our Drink Of the Week!

When you go out to drink, eating is often an afterthought. It's when you dine out that restaurants leave cocktail menus and discuss wine pairings. Ordering water is fine and saves you money, but foods taste better with the right beverage. Pizza and beer; steak with a glass of red. Anyone?


The last place you'd expect to order a fancy beverage is inside a Korean barbeque joint. Technically, it's next door (but still part of the same property). Simply called The Back Room, this is a modest gastropub serving an entirely separate menu of bites— minus the grill. You'll likely walk right past their door after receiving a pager from the Mr. BBQ hostess. Step right in and get comfy at the bar.

Pouring beers in matching glassware, the stars here are their soju concoctions. Only available within the confines of The Back Room, they are named simply by number. A supremely well-balanced sip, you'll be impressed by this complex potion of sorts. Your foundation is infused with apple and tarragon. Fruity Lillet Rose wine adds a burst of flavors, while house-made orange bitters and crimson tea syrup jump in for good measure. Frothy egg whites and a zing of lemon bring it home. Gorgeous presentation is a bonus! Think of The Back Room as your appetizer. Maybe by then, your pager has finally gone off.

Mr. BBQ is located at 305 N State College Blvd, Fullerton, (714) 441-0000;

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