That's No Cookie!: Star Wars-Themed Baked Goods

You like baking, you like Star Wars. You love Star Wars-themed cookies. While the Star Wars love/fandom/wankery extends its paws into all aspects of life–bedsheets, video games,  walking around campus listening to a self-made audio tape of Return of the Jedi on your Walkman in 1989 (true story, by the way)–we've gotta say, Star Wars cookies? Pretty much the best type of fandom.

After the jump: Our gallery of some favorites rounded up from Flickr!   

Visit The Sweet Adventures of Sugar Belle for more photos of her awesome baked goods.

See more by Rachel at her website, Creations in Cake.


Flickr user Neato Coolville, AKA Todd Franklin, actually co-runs a popular Flickr group called Growing Up Star Warsclick here to visit!

Megan Paonessa works at the Manhattan Beach location of one of our favorite bakeries, SusieCakes, which also has a Newport Beach store.

And what would this round-up be without an original Twi'lek cookie? Visit more baked goods by Heather at her website,, and follow her on Twitter @SprinkleBakes!


Hello, best birthday cookies ever.

Visit Jill Bruhn's website to see more cookies and goodies,!

And the close-up: Fuckin' art!

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