Tenth Annual Dana Point Harbor Boat Show: $1 Friday

Your 8-bedroom Newport Beach palace gone upside down and underwater? Your first ex making expensive noises about private-school fees? Your trophy wife’s Honduran maid suing over those 65-hour work weeks? We’re guessing $1.6 million for a pre-owned Gunboat 48 catamaran’s not in the equation. The antidote is $1 Friday at the Dana Point Harbor Boat Show. That’s a measly buck entrance fee; ditto for beer, sodas and hotdogs. You can stroll around the huge selection of power and sail vessels oohing and wowing to your heart’s content. Marine accessories, electronics, fishing gear, apparel, personal watercraft and a ton of other stuff will also be on show. Chug a few cheap brews and you’ll be fantasizing you’re Larry Ellison.

Fri., June 4, noon, 2010

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