Tenacious D Fan Art, You Really Must Own

Tenacious D is the ultimate un-guilty pleasure. Their song lyrics are like humorous children's stories (for adults) set to rock music; which is fitting, because it was recently announced that Jack Black will be starring in a Goosebumps movie. (Yes, the series of scary children's novels by R.L. Stine).

And who doesn't love Black's partner-in-crime Kyle Gass? He's the only celebrity wearing socks and sandals court-side at the Lakers game. Together, these laissez-faire characters form the greatest parody band since Weird Al–and bonus–they're awesome musicians too.

We've collected some of the best Tenacious D fan art on etsy to satisfy your inner nerd-rocker:

JJack Black of Tenacious D Pop Art by chuckhodi on etsy.com (above). It's a little scary, but so is Jack Black.


Fuck Her Gently wall art by littledittie. Love songs don't get any classier than that gem.

A Tenacious likeness of Jack Black and Kyle Gass by idlemindsworkshop.

These Pick of Destiny earrings by KatrinaCampbell are more precious than a diamond on a platinum chain…

Rock out in a Jack Black black t-shirt by BadTasteFactory.

2013 Tenacious D limited screen-printed poster by bmethe. Columbus, OH represent.

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