Teddybears on Their New Album, Karaoke and Cee-Lo Green

Teddybears fans, your prayers have been answered. After a whole year of waiting, Devil's Music was released yesterday, which includes a new version of their song “Cardiac Arrest” featuring Swedish sensation Robyn.

Despite their busy European tour schedule, Patrik Arve (vocals), Joakim Åhlund (bass), and Klas Åhlund (guitar) still found time to briefly talk with the Weekly about the new album.
OC Weekly: What are some of the most memorable experiences you had during the creation of this new album?

We had a beautiful time in Atlanta recording with Cee-Lo Green. When the day's recording was done, we would end up in a karaoke/adult-bar where Patrik sang Sex Pistols' “Submission,” screaming, “I'm on a submarine mission for you baby!!!” to a sparsely populated and not too excited strip club. We also spent a week in the south of Spain recording backgrounds with a bunch of friends and our families, and had a couple of days and nights in Stockholm with Eve, where we recorded, went to dancehall clubs, and drank the Swedish style.

What is the overall message that you're trying to send out through this album? What do you want people to take away from it?

If they walk away from listening to the album wanting to reinvent their whole existence and feeling like they could be so much more, and then they end up quitting their jobs, going in search of their true calling, waking up in a new town in a new part of the world feeling good about themselves, well then, at least we feel that something worthwhile has come of our hard labor.

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