TCA Sued Not Once, Not Twice, but THRICE!

Today, Attorney General Bill Lockyer sued the Transportation Corridor Agencies.

Read the complaint HERE. Lockyer is none too keen on their plan to build a toll road through San Onofre State Beach, impacting surfing resources, the San Mateo Campground, Native American sites, and engandered species. And he isn't the only one.

A “coalition of environmental and surfing organizations,” a.k.a. NRDC, California State Parks Foundation, Endangered Habitats League, Laguna Greenbelt, Sage Aubudon Society, Surfrider, and the Sierra Club also sued; both lawsuits allege the TCA violated CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act), specifically Section 21168 and 21168.5. Additionally, the Native American Heritage Coalition filed suit to “protect this sacred place from severe and irreperable damage.” Read our coverage of Native American concerns here.

(Hey, TCA, watch your ass – Lockyer's wife Nadia is part Juaneno.)

The TCA cranked out a response with amazing celerity – almost as if they anticipated these lawsuits. Read their latest attempt to deflect criticism HERE.

According to the State of CA's complaint, the TCA screwed up because its Environmental Impact Report “failed to discuss [impacts of the Toll Road on the rural setting, on the campground, and on the habitats of various threatened and endangered species…” In other words, they didn't do their homework, so they're gonna get detention.

TCA's response, via Ken Ryan? “We're confident that the environmental document more than adequately addresses the impacts…” In other words, he thinks he knows more about California state law than the Attorney General of the State of California. Good luck with that strategy, sir.

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