Tattoo You

You are the old man who walks around Huntington Beach, believing you are invisible. You babysit your girlfriend at the restaurant where she works, flaunting that horrific tattoo on your head. I remember the fateful night when you got caught living with another woman, who was raising your children, and using this young one to obtain fame in the so-called industry. As soon as the two of you leave the room, everyone laughs at how ridiculous you are and how stupid she is for staying with a man who is a pathetic liar. The joke is on you, and although it's my friend who is going to suffer at the end of this, she will realize how her career has suffered and how you are the devil. She and I were very close at one time, but I cannot be a part of the filth you have made her life. If you really did love her, you would let her go; she deserves so much more, and in her business, now her name is a joke.

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