Taste Testing Ben N Jerry's Scotchy Scotch Scotch

I like ice cream. I like butterscotch. Ergo, I kinda, sorta had to pick up a pint o' limited edition B N J's ode to Will Ferrell. Since Anchorman 2 runs rampant this week, I seized the opportunity to have some dessert go down, down into my belly.


Per Ben N Jerry's site, this flavor was “discovered by the Germans in 1904, but the flavor's name was lost in translation many years ago.” Ron Burgundy apparently picked up on the phrase, and the rest is newsworthy history. Most ice cream flavors have a number of tastes mixed together. This had one taste in two forms: butterscotch ice cream with a butterscotch swirl.

Brilliant? Well, yes and no. It was as potent as a tasty pot de creme from a favorite restaurant. The ribbon of flavor was crunchy, reminiscent of biting into a See's lollipop. Sweet over sweet, with a sweet aftertaste. Made me wish for Magic Shell, so I could convert it into a Butterfinger sundae/milkshake. Would we purchase it again? Indeed, but limited releases wait for no-one. Get your own and stay classy, Forkers.

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