Tarts and Crafts

Someday, when the availability of fossil fuels diminishes to the point that it becomes prohibitively expensive to transport food, we'll all be buying locally grown groceries at places such as the Santa Ana Farmer's Market. Judging from the way the price of gasoline has risen the past couple of years, that day probably isn't very far away. Advice: start getting used to it now.

Lines are short and quality high at the Santa Ana Farmer's Market, which brings its back-to-the-future wholesomeness downtown every Wednesday evening. There's just-picked produce, newly laid eggs, and a wide variety of freshly baked breads and pastries. It's a social event, too, with children's activities and live music.

There's also an arts-and-handicrafts show at the nearby SolArt Gallery Cafe, where books, jewelry, clothing and ornaments are for sale. Some of the crafters will be hosting workshops on silk screening, hand-making books and stitching.

In fact, while lobbying the city for permission to include artisans in the Farmers' Market, the August show at SolArt Gallery is serving as a fund-raiser to help the weekly market survive—you know, until gas prices skyrocket to the point we'll have no choice.

Santa Ana Certified Farmers' Market, Bush N Third sts., Santa Ana, (714) 542-9392. Every Wed., 3-7 p.m.; Summer Craft Fair at SolArt Gallery Caf, 2202 N. Main St., Santa Ana, (714) 926-4375. Sun., 1-5 p.m. Free.

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