Tacos Lalo Los Originales Tacos al Vapor: The Legend of La Rumorosa

Remember that 18 wheeler chase scene in License to Kill, the rather clumsy James Bond flick starring Timothy Dalton? The one where 007 gets the truck to tilt on its side to avoid a rocket shot by the film's villain, Robert Davi, who is better known as the guy that tried to kill the Goonies? Subsequently, that was the best part of a poorly imagined film that among its many flaws starred an oddly cast Wayne Newton as a bad guy, but to its credit it did include a very young Benicio Del Toro playing a stone cold assassin. That was shot in La Rumorosa, the famous road between Tecate and Mexicali with a steep grade that was quite dangerous when it was just a single lane in each direction through its serpentine pass. Accidents have been reduced significantly since they've gone to 2 lanes each way, and these days it has all the intrigue of a vacation with the Griswold's–unless you want to drive REALLY fast. 
Despite the dangerous sounding name(which is likely a starting point for many long, repetitive stories made up to scare children on their way to eat steamed tacos), the name La Rumorosa comes from the whispering winds through that span of highway in the Sierra de Juarez. In reality the beautiful drive through La Rumorosa is a destination for families, Mexican motorcycle clubs, and commuters that offers an exciting pit stop–one of the greatest northern taco traditions started by the Tacos Lalo stand as legendary at the notorious expressway.   


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