Tacos and Memes at Tacos Way [Hole in the Wall]

Photo by Cynthia Rebolledo

There’s a bit of a Mitu-inspired whimsy at this taco joint—Spanglish-influenced meme wall art, a staff that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and an illuminated outdoor sign stating, “No esta bueno pero quita el hambre” (“It’s not good, but it takes away the hunger”).

It’s easy to miss Tacos Way, nestled in a tiny industrial center just off the 22 freeway and Garden Grove Boulevard. But in the short time it has been open, it has skillfully used its logo to draw in customers. It offers not great but solid tacos—and claims they get the job done. Choose from asada, pollo, al pastor, carnitas, chorizo, lengua and cabeza. Burritos come with the same meat options that are then spiked with rice, beans, salsa, onion and cilantro.

Photo by Cynthia Rebolledo

If you’re feeling famished, order a torta: stuffed with beans, your choice of meat, sliced tomatoes, shredded lettuce and a generous layer of mayo, each one is accompanied by a blistered jalapeño. Dress up your torta at the salsa bar with pickled onions and creamy salsa verde; you’re sure to be full for the rest of the week! Menudo is served all day in medium and large bowls, and for dessert, there are mixed fruit bowls topped with La Lechera (creamy-sweet condensed milk), miel (honey) and shredded coconut. Two kinds of fresca are made fresh every day and stand in chilled glass jugs next to horchata and refreshing agua de pepino chia y limon, made from cucumbers, lime juice and chia seeds.

Photo by Cynthia Rebolledo

To promote its tender beef and chicken in a bowl, Tacos Way displays a sign reading, “Say no to drugs, say yes to teriyaki.” Accented with vegetables and drowned in teriyaki sauce, the bowl can be spiced up with the bottles of Sriracha and Tapatío provided on all tables, as well as with the pickled jalapeños at the salsa bar. For those trying to eat healthy, the kitchen includes chicken and chef’s salads. Whatever you order, you’re guaranteed an entertaining meal, as you read memes while stuffing your face with Tacos Way!

Tacos Way, 12800 Garden Grove Blvd., Ste. B, Garden Grove, (714) 956-5656.

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