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Okay, so Azteca has something like 47,000 pieces of Elvis memorabilia on display—a rough guesstimate—but sunglasses, stationery and a lei the King may or may not have worn aren't the only reasons hungry barflies come back week after week—there's also the garlic. Specifically, Azteca's Garlic Taco Tuesdays, during which you can score delish beef or chicken garlic tacos on the cheap while swooning over Jeanne Carmen's autograph. Just don't expect to score after you eat them—breath mints are not included. Served all day, but specially priced from 3:30 to 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. to close. 12911MainSt.,GardenGrove,(714)638-3790.


Tijuana Tuesdays at Revolucion can, if you swing them right, end up resembling something of a road trip down to the border—minus all those silly prescription drugs, of course. First, order as many 50-cent tacos and $2 Coronas as you can handle; then, 'round midnight, puke, rally and bounce around to Fullerton's 436 other bars. When the city shuts down at 2 a.m., you'll be that annoying wasted kid screaming for just one more cerveza.You'll also—if you're lucky—have 436 new numbers in your cell phone. Just like spring break! Served until midnight. 205N.HarborBlvd.,Fullerton,(714)871-6861.


While a proper Taco Tuesday requires at least a 3 to 1 drink-to-taco ratio—and is thus best captured within the confines of a restaurant/bar—Taco Mesa's Taco Tuesday—featuring, yep, Taco Mesa's num-times-10 tacos—is an obvious exception. For a mere buck per taco, these morsels of Mesa magic can be yours. And if you need a bar that badly—you goddamn wino—just order the tacos to go and eat them outside Detroit Bar. Bonus tip: to avoid a fracas, share with the bouncer. Served until 11 p.m. 647W.19thSt.,CostaMesa,(949)642-0629.


Not content with these run-of-the-mill Taco Tuesday nights? Need something more—like, say, 300 other people, a live salsa band and a 60-ounce margarita? Tia Juana's has all this—and salsa lessons, $2 beers and 50-cent tacos—and more, if by “more,” you mean “stressed-out Irvine workaholics fresh from their cubicles, desperately in need of a drink, sporting loosened neckties/pencil skirts/rolled-up sleeves/secretary hair, desperately in need of a drink and, wait, oh, yeah, desperately in need of a drink.” Which I do. Served from 4 to 9 p.m. 14988SandCanyon,Irvine,(949)551-2998.

Research assistance by Andrea Thomer

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