Surfin Safari: Beach Boys Tribute

If you're KRTH 101, planning a holiday show doesn't exactly work the same way as it does for KIIS FM or KROQ, for the simple reason that the bulk of the artists played on the station are either no longer living or no longer performing. So, what to do? Tribute bands, of course! And there are few better rock 'n roll legends more ripe for a tribute than the Beach Boys and Roy Orbison, who will be represented Saturday night at the Coach House by Surfin' Safari and Roy Orbison Revisited. Both acts not only aim to replicate the music of who they're paying tribute to, but also the look — which for Roy Orbison Revisited's case, we really hope means a wig. Walking around with that 'do as we approach 2011 would be a little too much commitment.

Sun., Dec. 19, 2010

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