'Surf-Happy Microcosmonaut' Breaks World Record For Consecutive Hours Surfed

The waves near the Huntington Beach pier on Monday morning weren't much to get excited about, but that didn't much concern Bill Laity–a self-proclaimed “surf-happy microcosmonaut”–in his pursuit for Guinness Book of World Records glory as he paddled out. Besides, over the course of breaking the standing record, there would hopefully be some changes in the conditions.

Dealing with cold water, gusting winds in the 20 to 40 mph range, a brutal late-night wind chill, rain and stormy seas, Laity–geared up in the best surfing equipment he could find–survived 26 hours on the water, breaking the previous record of 24 hours, and caught 147 waves in the process.


Snacking on bananas and Cliff Bars while in the line-up, from what we gather, Laity only made his way onto land when it was necessary to change into a thicker wetsuit or get his gloves and booties.
Some of Laity's concerns over the course of the marathon surf session included “hypothermia, hydropsychosis, severe and unbearable crampage, the sudden loss of luxuries often taken for granted, such as being able, upon the setting of the sun, to take a warm meal with the missus from the comfort of one's humble abode.”

‚ÄčAn employee of SWELL.com, a surf clothing and equipment website, Laity was hooked up with the best equipment necessary for the feat, including wetsuits, booties, gloves, sunscreen, wax and surfboard necessities.¬†
After emerging from the water victories this morning, with his co-workers capturing the moment on the Surfline.com webcam feed, the skin on Laity's face was chapped, his hands were wrinkled, there were rashes on his neck and armpit from his wetsuit–but he appeared to be smiling. More information and photos can be found on the SWELL blog.
No word on whether or not he decided to opt for a late afternoon session.

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