Supreme Court Doesn't Help Orly Taitz; 12-Year-Old Does

On July 8, Laguna Niguel's Dr. Orly Taitz filed an application with the Supreme Court of the United States in a (maybe) last-ditch attempt to avoid paying the $20,000 in fines levied on her by a federal judge last year. On Thursday, though, Justice Clarence Thomas denied her appeal.

Taitz's reaction is contained in a blog post titled “Remember the Alamo.” In it, she blames a conspiracy among clerks in the federal judiciary for the denial of her application–and, moreover, for the fact that she didn't hear about it until this past weekend.

Most clerks come from one or two large firms, that have a de facto monopoly on clerkships in Federal courts. They all seem to be connected. Just the way all of them suddenly knew today, on Saturday, about the posting in the Supreme court made today but dated retroactively for Thursday tells you there is a connection between many of these clerks.

Elsewhere on her blog, we learn that she is attempting to bring her case against Republican Secretary of State candidate Damon Dunn to the California Supreme Court. We also hear a heart-warming tale about Taitz's newest, smallest fan. This one might send shivers up your spine:

I got a phone call and a couple of text messages from a 12 year old girl from IL. She left messages saying that she was inspired by me, was inspired to go into politics. She said that, though she is a Democrat, she she appreciates my conviction. Typically I can't respond to every caller, but I called this girl back. I feel that it is important to bring the message to young people. She watched me on a few TV shows- Joy Behar and MSNBC. She mentioned that even she got mad by the way I was treated, by the fact that the hosts didn't let me speak. She asked why I decided to be a Republican, I explained that it was important for me to be conservative-specifically fiscally conservative, that huge debt Obama has incurred will be a burden on her shoulders and on shoulders of other young people like her. She, also, wanted to know about the birther movement. I took a few minutes to explain and suggested to her to write a letter to Obama and demand honesty and transparency on which he was elected. She text-ed me, that she is writing the letter now.

For anyone interested, here's the transcript of the July 1 “emergency” hearing in Santa Ana for Taitz's lawsuit against Dunn. The first half sees the judge trying again and again to get Taitz to follow proper procedure. The second half is the judge trying to figure out why, exactly, an emergency hearing was needed at all. He ends up denying her motion.

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