Super Bowl LII Halftime Tweets: Justin Timberlake Edition

Ali Lerman

From what we gathered from perusing Twitter for the last week, Super Bowl LII was pretty much a “battle of awful fans versus awful fans.” So fast-forward and picture if you will, Super Bowl Sunday and the New England Patriots taking on the Philadelphia Eagles. A lot of throwing, running, and scoring happened. But that’s not the important part. The real magic was when halftime happened. And boy,did it happen.  

Justin Timberlake treated us to a bunch of his hits from way back, and then, more hits from way back. And not to make him showing up and dancing all over seem like a mild endeavor but, we were teased with a possible Prince hologram and another possible nip slip by Janet Jackson. But yeah, he did some hits from way back and a video of Prince appeared on a giant sheet. Whatever impression the show left you with, our most important observation of the night was that Justin looked damn good. 

But back to Twitter–it seemed that the haters were gonna hate before Timberlake even stepped on that (sponsored by Pepsi) stage. (WE GET IT, PEPSI!) And while  we have no problem with JT, it’s impossible to deny the chutzpah of Twitter. Y’all never let us down. Here are the best Super Bowl LII Halftime Tweets: Justin Timberlake Edition.

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