Summer Solstice Festival

Celebrations of the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, have been raging since man needed to pump up the volume for fertility. The Greeks, for instance, threw huge bashes to honor Cronus, the god of agriculture, hoping he’d set up some bountiful crops, and the month of June itself was named after the goddess Juno, who “blessed women with the privilege of menstruation” (thanks for that). It’s a time for growing and sowing and reaping, and not to be outdone by history, modern Fullertonians spark up their own solstice bash – and add tacos! Head to the Muck for pagan rituals and the International Taco Festival, a spree filled with ethnic music and dance, art workshops, storytellers, crafts, lawn sports, and tortillas stuffed with every animal imaginable in sauce.

Sun., June 21, noon, 2015

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