Sugarfina Relocates To Permanent Spot In South Coast Plaza

Raise your hand if you are still seeking something original for Valentine's weekend. We hear ya, and there is an answer. Back in November, we reported a couple of seasonal stores landing in Costa Mesa's shopping mecca. Turns out one of them did so well, they were offered full-time status. The only catch was they had to relocate.

Sugarfina closed in early January and reopened less than a month later downstairs by the carousel. One doesn't even have to think about driving to Beverly Hills for some fancy treats. But are they really that expensive? Yes and no.


Pricing starts at $2.50 for mini taster packets of their best sellers. Next level up are boxed treats in clear containers. Pleasing to the eye, for $7 and up you can travel the globe with some of these options. We purchased sugary Rainbow Kyoto Blossoms imported from Japan and Choco Crisps (think Whoppers) from Greece. And those Cuba Libre (spiced rum & cola) squares also found their way into our dainty bag. Sorry See's, we're hitting up Sugarfina for Easter and Mother's Day as well.

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