(Suck It) X 4

I knew Irvine cops had a rep for being tough, but this is ridiculous.

Cristine Gaiennie and her partner, Patsy Lovell, both employees of the Irvine Police Department, are the proud mothers of quadruplets. After conceiving their first child, son Jason, through artificial insemination, the couple decided to try for a sibling. Things got complicated, ovulation got induced, and kapow – four bundles of gurgling, crapping, pissing joy.

Doctors gave the ladies the opportunity to reduce the number of viable fetuses, but the pair said no after watching an ultrasound of the quadruplets. Surely they will be the next Pro-Life Poster Girls, no? I can't see anything stopping them.

Trust Reg readers to get all homophobic about what isn't more than a community feel-good tale.

badseed wrote:
“That's nice. 5 kids will grow up without a father figure.”

Luckily someone seems to be busily deleting the most hateful of the comments. Wouldn't want people to think we're a bunch of hateful bigots here in Orange County, after all. There are many more positive comments, such as:

letsgohalos wrote:
Cris N Patsy – God bless you and your babies! All of our prayers have been answered and you have given birth to four healthy beautiful babies. Love has surrounded them from the moment they were conceived. Please remember that you have friends and family that support you, love you and are here for you for whatever you need.

But my favorite? Oh, crap … seems it's been deleted in between me starting this post and now. But it read something along the lines of “One boob for each baby!”

Photo by: Steve Zylius/OC Register

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