Suavecita’s Rucca Empire Grows With Launch Of Body Products

Last year’s matte lipstick launch showed that Suavecita, the sister line to the Suavecito pomade empire, is not just a homegrown brand looking to sleek back pesky fly aways. The SanTana-based company has grown immensely popular with pin-up, rockabilly and fashion-forward women for the past two years. Still in its infancy, Suavecita is rapidly growing and expanding into new markets such as body products.

Many customers expressed their wishes on Suavecita’s social media accounts for a product with the same captivating scent of their pomade. Ask and you shall receive! The Suavecita gentle exfoliating shower gel boasts infusions of fruit and aloe vera extracts and “eco beads”, which don’t harm the environment unlike un-bio-degradable plastic micro beads found in other exfoliating products. The Suavecita body spray is vegan friendly and cruelty free, a standard for all Suavecita products. Best yet? They both leave you smelling really good

Suavecita is also working to release another lipstick line with neutral colors to contrast last year’s vibrant shades. Written tutorials are now available on Suavecita’s official site, and video tutorials are on the way to teach chicas how to primp themselves proper. Even a Suavecita eyeliner is in the works! *fingers crossed* While it seems like Suavecita is steadily on its way to hitting Sephora shelves, Suavecita head Denisse Topete shares that achieving corporate success is tempting, but keeping a personal relationship with their sellers, clients and community will always be the main focus—ambitious, yet tentative. Even though new and exciting products are launching, expect Suavecita merchandise to stay on their website and in local Orange county shops. 

Keep an eye out for the Suavecita body gel and body spray to launch in the coming weeks at Get it, rucca!

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