Stripper Fans

The comic strip as an artistic artifact has been around for centuries. Frequently employed for political and social satire, caricaturists such as William Hogarth revolutionized the form during the 18th century and it continued to enjoy a reasonably respectable position for some time. In the 20th century, however, comics came to be associated mostly with children and consequently were relegated to the dust bin of highbrow art appreciation. The Comix Art exhibit at Costa Mesa’s World Gallery aims to reinforce the notion that comics are just as valid an artistic expression as any other form. Featuring the work of notables such as R. Crumb, Rick Griffin, Will Koffman, and Jack Kirby, Comix Art will have you digging up your old MAD magazines from the garage and framing the fold-ins.

Aug. 2-Sept. 1, 2008

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