Update: Stormy Daniels CANCELS September Show at Anaheim Strip Club

The September forecast for Anaheim isn’t looking so Stormy anymore. Photo by GSR

UPDATE: JUNE 15, 7:00 P.M.:  Sorry Stormy Daniels devotees, the porn star won’t be appearing at the Library Gentlemen’s Club in Anaheim on Sept. 13 after all. According to the venue’s owner, she just cancelled the date in order to appear on a British television program instead. Daniels also nixed efforts to reschedule her local tour stop for November altogether. 

The only place to catch Stormy in Anaheim now is on those billboards–at least until they come down. 

ORIGINAL POST: JUNE 15, 5:00 A.M.: It’s June 2018 and you’ve just been awakened from a decades-long cyrogenic freeze like Austin Powers. A real estate mogul turned reality television star is President of the United States. Hell, he’s even shaking hands with the supreme leader of North Korea in press photo-ops during a summit abroad. A billboard goes up in Anaheim promoting the appearance of an adult film actress at a strip club. Only, she’s not just a celebrity sex worker, but one of the last damn hopes left for the republic. 

Yes, this is real life in Donald Trump’s America. 

And Stormy Daniels, the woman gracing the billboard and Trump’s least favorite porn star, is, indeed, coming to Anaheim. She’ll be at The Library Gentlemen’s Club on Sept. 13 as the advertisement proudly announces from its inconspicuous outpost off of State College Boulevard and Cerritos Avenue (There’s another more visible billboard off the 91 freeway in Anaheim, too). Of course, Daniels, whose legal name is Stephanie Clifford, became a household name after claiming she had a brief sexual encounter with President Donald Trump at a Lake Tahoe resort more than a decade ago. But with Trump’s improbable run for president in 2016 in full-swing, the romp was supposed to stay under wraps with a $130,000 hush money agreement prepared by attorney Michael Cohen. 

Only, “David Dennison” (Trump) never signed the non-disclosure agreement in question. With the help of Newport Beach attorney Michael Avenatti, Daniels is taking on the White House. In a lawsuit filed against the president, she claims Cohen, Tump’s former personal attorney, intervened with the NDA and hush payment in Oct. 2016 to stop her from going public with the story like she wanted to after an Access Hollywood tape that recorded Trump bragging about sexually assaulting women got leaked to the media. The suit also alleges the subsequent NDA lacking Trump’s signature all but invalidates it. And even if it holds in court, Daniels’ attorney argues, Cohen broke the terms by commenting on it when rumors began circulating. 

In April, Daniels filed a separate defamation suit against Trump after the president tweeted dismissive comments regarding a composite sketch she stated showed a man who allegedly threatened her and her daughter in 2011 to shut up about the affair. 

Under criminal investigation by the U.S. attorney’s office, Cohen got the “no knock” raid treatment from the alphabet boys at the FBI with the current news cycle filled with stories about his apparent expectation to be arrested soon. Trump continues to deny the affair ever took place but acknowledges reimbursing Cohen. How the hell things play out by the time Daniels’ national tour comes to Anaheim in September remains to be seen. It’s sure to be a hell of a lot more interesting than her 2011 appearance at California Girls in Anaheim where, according to the veteran adult film actress’ tweet at the time, the only pressing matter seemed to be settling in her hotel room. 

With the newfound political backdrop, Daniels’ shows have taken a “resistance” edge. At a recent appearance in Middleton, Wisconsin, women, some of whom had never been to a strip club before, showed up to support Stormy. Men, of course, did too, with one telling the local paper that the cost of admission amounted to a political donation of sorts for a cause he believed in. Sure… 

But she may need money more than ever. Jason Frank, a former partner at an Avenatti-linked firm, pressed a bankruptcy judge in Santa Ana this week to seize most of Daniels’ crowdsourced legal defense fund, an amount totaling more than $500,000. Frank won a $10 million settlement in a suit against his former firm last month over allegations they owed him millions in pay.  

Whatever the case, men are surely readying their fibs for Sept. 13 like Al Bundy trying to sneak off at night to the Jiggly Room. They can always say they’re going to “the library” in Anaheim to go see an anti-Trump resistance fighter in action. In these Trump times, where is the lie, tho?

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