Stenson Salute From The RANCH Restaurant, Our Drink of the Week

The RANCH's wine collection almost outshines its solid menu, but what you might overlook is their desire to pour a memorable cocktail. Resident mixologist Dan Minjares will conjure up classics and twists incorporating produce grown from their garden in Orange Park Acres. A perfect example is Dan's hat tip to a well-known bartender, the Stenson Salute. It honors one Murry Stenson, legendary in his industry for a beverage he brought back into mainstream named The Last Word.


Minjares tracked down Murry at The Zig Zag Lounge in Seattle to watch him in action. The two got to talking, and Dan admitted he was seeking, “a place for Green Chartreuse.” Stenson began making this famous drink with gin, lime, the aforementioned green goddess and maraschino liqueur. Dan's take switches out maraschino with homemade Orangcello. Citrus and vegetal flavors work well with the gin, making this unfussy cocktail an ideal pairing with one of The RANCH's well-executed cuts of meat. Glorious meat.

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