Static X – House of Blues – 8/31/12

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Last Friday night, Static X delivered a chaotic taste of nu-metal to the House of Blues in Anaheim. But despite having a sound that trades in relentless squalls of brutal, Cro-Magnon distortion, there wasn't much to look at onstage. For the most part, each of the members stood in the same spot. Occasionally frontman Wayne Static would jump up and down and the guitarist and bassist would walk around the stage but the lack of energy was palpable. We were more distracted by a group of stripper-esque females that were dancing in the background, but we can't lie the attempt to add sexiness to the mix was pretty confusing and unwelcome.


But as far as their set was concerned Static X–who've been off the road for a while–jumped back and forth all over their catalog. Opening the show with “Wisconsin Death Trip” was a ear-splitting attempt to get the audiences attention because for the most part everyone had left the stage area after the crappy band that had played before. Most people were outside smoking by the bar and the beginning riffs to that song had made people drop their smokes and walk into the theater. Despite his lack of movement, Static seemed appreciative to be playing for them. His vocals were spot on for every song. Finally listening to the heavy, sonic assault of songs like “Cold,” “Push It” and “This Is Not” in person rather on a was amazing.

 It was nice that they had played such a long set and although the encore was only two songs, they had literally saved the best for last by playing “Love Dump” and ending the show with “Get to the Gone.” By the end, the band managed to turn in a solid show despite the lack luster of stage presence. It isn't always about what the band is doing on stage but rather what the sound is like and what they decide to put on the set list. And in that regard, we have to give 'em credit for squeezing in 20 songs.

Critical Bias: I wish he would have played “Not Meant for Me.” I know he was only vocals on the Queen of the Damned soundtrack but every time I hear that song his vocal's make me melt.

The Crowd: Everyone raging from their original 90's fan's to the metal youth of today. Pretty much a mess of metal heads enjoying their night at the HOB.

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