Stars And Fans Pay Their Respects to “Lady T”

After the jump, you can read and watch some of the sad responses…

Musician and longtime friend Lenny Kravitz says in his Youtube video message that he wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Teena. She took him in at 16 years old when he was living on the streets:

CNN iReporter Al Mealey shared his love for Teena Marie:

Alicia Keys tweeted:God bless Teena Marie N her Family!Sending Blessings &prayers I was jus sayin tht fire N desire is 1 of the most beautifully performd songs!

Mary J. Blige tweetedIn my heart she's Tina, So rest in peace Tina, i love u. Every girl that grew up in the hood , with her blasting through the windows, Cars and radio waves can Feel me. 

Sean . Diddy Combs tweeted: R.I.P. Teena Marie!!! God Bless. Damn I just saw her the other day.

This is a tribute song to Teena Marie entitled “Our Dove” by Flo'z:

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