Standing Room Only

You were the two gringas who relish being bullies and ladrones to boot. Saturday night in Laguna Beach, at a popular African-themed restaurant, you came with attitude. Our party was sitting patiently at the bar awaiting the band to come on as we had arrived 1.5 hours early specifically for this occasion. You did not have seats as you waddled in 15 minutes prior to the band performing, but felt driven to obtain them regardless who would be compromised by your selfish act. My business partner got up and headed to the bathroom and within 10 seconds, your foot was under the foot bar of his chair lifting and sliding it to thieve it away. Quite a brazen act of selfishness on your part. When confronted with your ploy, your comment was: “A gentleman would have offered it up!” Why did you not ask the one who was in the chair for the previous 1.5 hours? “May your future in hell be subject to an eternity of oppression under people more cruel than you, with your usage of manipulation removed, although a piercing pain of the injustice deeply absorbed each and every time!”

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