Spooky Science

It’s not the same as “weird” science, mind you, so please keep your bras where they belong, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be almost as fun as building a magical Barbie that morphs into Kelly LeBrock. After all, there’s much creepy fun to be had learning about pumpkin guts and phases of the moon. And what about mazes? Just like in The Shining, kiddies can explore a twisty, turny 3D maze, but without the sub-freezing temperatures and ax-wielding father on their tail. And, dudes—there are crafts! Make stuff out of felt! Cook up your own slime! And, just like Carrie, dress up and take part in a “spooktacular” light show and parade with all of your new friends. Pig’s blood not included.

Oct. 5-31, 2013

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