Songs About Girls From A(lison) to Z(ebulon), Part 1

Music geeks, rejoice! Here's the ultimate list for you–a song with a girl's name in the title for each letter of the alphabet.

We dug up everything from custy Beach Boys songs to deep cuts by the Smashing Pumpkins (who, by the way, have an inordinate amount of songs titled with girls' names, oddly enough). Next time you win at music trivia night, just thank us.

Here's part one, from A(lison) to L(una).

A is for . . . “Alison” by Elvis Costello

B is for . . . “Bonita Applebum” by A Tribe Called Quest

C is for . . . “Caroline No” by the Beach Boys

D is for . . . “Debra” by Beck

E is for . . . “Elizabeth, My Dear” by the Stone Roses

F is for . . . “Francine” ZZ Top

G is for . . . “Gloria” by Van Morrison

H is for . . . “Henrietta” by the Fratellis

I is for . . . “Isobel” by Bjork

J is for . . . “Janie Jones” by the Clash

K is for . . . “Tunic (Song for Karen)” by Sonic Youth

L is for . . . “Luna” by Smashing Pumpkins

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