Someone Needs New Underwear

You've got questions? We all have questions where Orange County Sheriff Mike Carona is concerned. There are those pictures of America's Sheriff with mob associate and Vegas strip club boss Rick Rizzolo—and Rizzolo was drinking! Then there are those other photos from his trip to Moscow with a woman he claims was just an interpreter, and there are those other other shots of his butt—hey, Mikey, crack-o is still wacko! Buy some new boxers, and they'll stay up better. (Men never buy underwear when they need it.)

So three men—Bob Alcarez, Bill Hunt and Ralph Martin, candidates in the Orange County Sheriff's race—will have plenty to kick around today, when they debate about the county's top-cop job. You should get down on your knees and thank the university—and the UC Irvine School of Social Sciences—for hosting the event; someone has to tackle the tough issues. But they'd be happy if you just show up. And as long as you're going, bring questions.

Orange County Sheriff's Candidates Debate, Room 1100, Social Science Plaza A, UC Irvine, Pereira N E. Peltason drs., Irvine, (949) 824-6868; Sun., noon. Free. The debate will be broadcast live on KUCI-FM 88.9.

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