So, You Missed the OC Night Market…

Beers enjoying friends at the Night Market June 15th.

Hey Orange County. We know you probably missed out on the first OC Night Market of 2018 at the end of May. And if you missed the second OC Night Market last weekend, you gotta get your act together. We also know that seeing the nearly 30k Instagram pics with the #ocnightmarket made you jealous enough to move out of the state.

Want a chance at redemption? You’re in luck, because the OC Night Market will make one final run from August 24 – 26.

We’ll be there, and here’s a few things we’re looking forward to.


  • Summertime, and the living’s cheesy: The Sandwich Society’s ramen grilled cheese will satisfy even the most intense lactose fanatics. A heaping slab of ramen noodles, kimchi, and hot peppers lies between two thick slices of cheese and sourdough to make this sandwich one to remember. *WARNING for lactose and gluten lovers only.

The Sandwich Society loads yards of cheese onto their ramen grilled cheese.

    • Scratch BBQ’s smoked hot wings and tri-tip will for sure give you those summer gainz you’ve been wanting, bro. It’s all about the sauce at Scratch, and the guys working the meat smoker won’t shy away from telling you their sauce is made one batch at a time in their east San Diego headquarters. Also, these guys are pretty cool and will kick up the spice for brave souls willing to test their luck. 
    • Tasty Legend’s peppered pork and beef skewers will leave your tastebuds begging for mercy. Although there seem to be dozens of stands offering skewers, Tasty Legends offers them cheaper, and with a more savory kick.

Scratch BBQ kicked up the spice for us with their secret sauce.

An appetizer to remember…skewers.

  • Desert with Extra Cavities
    • Churro Boss’s delectable take on churros could make you gain 20 pounds by the end of the night.
    • The Fresh Fruit Sorbet stand is pretty self explanatory – fresh fruit topped with sorbet. What’s important is that this is the most refreshing thing at the Night Market on hot summer nights.

  • When you Fish Upon a Star
    • Lobsterdamus’s fresh lobster is top tier. Grilled inside a shell on an open flame, these lobster look as good as they taste.

The only thing better than the name was the lobster at Lobsterdamus.


  • Yummy Hero’s donuts on a stick are shaped like a…well, just go see it. Try not to get a public indecency charge while eating this. Remember, the Night Market is a kid friendly zone.


So, you fancy yourself a hipster? Well, if you’re so hip, you’d better check out a few of the artists at the Night Market.

  • Beauty Nostalgia’s N64 inspired pots make it feel like the 1990’s all over again…except now there’s Instagram
  • Bougie Bottle’s puts candles into discarded liquor bottles. Perfect for when you need to prove to someone that your house smelling like a Jack Daniels bottle doesn’t make you an alcoholic.

Bougie Bottles kept the light on for us.

  • Noah Strum Art. Only Noah can improve on Danny Devito offering us an egg in this trying time. Great pop culture inspired art, and Noah’s a pretty nice guy too.

Noah Strum and his art.

  • LED Balloons. These were EVERYWHERE and with good reason.
Vendor selling LED Balloons just in the nick of time.
  • Oscar Novaro’s Halloween homage. Halloween is truly the best holiday ever, probably because it just happens to be this writer’s birthday. Oscar’s pumpkin inspired sketches will bring out your inner ghoul.

Oscar Navarro and his paintings.

Stormtroopers, N64 characters, and electric anime are a must at the Night Market.


Ornaments at the Night Market.

Chris Ouk putting on a show at the Night Market.


What’s a night fair without performances? Last weekend’s OC Night Market featured some excellent performances by Scatterplot, Tremolo Lights, Go Gettas, and U-Jam Fitness. August’s Night Market is sure to feature some top acts to keep you dazzled, along with the usual endless barrage of fried, grilled, and seared food to keep your energy high.

Tremolo Nights bringing June 15th to a close.


Sound good? Okay then, now’s your chance to become Insta-famous, or at least to get back at the people who posted pictures from the last two OC night Markets.

This was by NO means a comprehensive list, and if you want to check out the list of more than 100 vendors who’ll be at the Night Market, just look at the Night Market website.


The line starts early at the Night Market, so make sure you get that $5 ticket before 4pm.

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