Snow Monster Huntington Beach Now Open

I get thirsty. . . a lot. Like I couldn't walk by a drinking fountain in high school without taking a sip. My downfall is a decent Thai iced tea. So when I was leaving a certain Donuttery recently, it made my night to spot grand opening signage outside location number two!

Sure, they're known for big-ass macarons, shaved snow and Belgian waffles. But it's all about the cutesy Mason jars decorated in stickers and black ribbon. Girls go crazy for this stuff. Their gimmick works, and the Beach Boulevard spot proves my point.


You should know that it's a relatively tight parking lot over there. And Surf City's hours come close, but don't quite reach the original Westminster's clock. Weekends are noon to midnight (yeah!), but they open an hour later during the week. Snow Monster also closes an hour early Monday through Thursday.

Kudos to them for graduating beyond a single location. I'm sure it has something to do with your crafty specials. Crispy churro sandwiches stuffed with horchata ice cream, anyone?

Snow Monster Huntington Beach is located at 17406 Beach Blvd,

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