Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa Release 'That Good'

Snoop Dogg just doesn't slow down these days. He and partner in crime Wiz Khalifa are back with another single. The new track, “That Good,” is a love song to really great weed, which is a gigantic shock, we know. The video (directed by a man named “Dah Dah”) is straight-up weed pornography, with “the new Cheech and Chong” and a few friends grinding, rolling and smoking their dank like it's going out of style. 


“That Good” is the lead single for Snoop and Wiz's movie High School, slated for a June release. It's a definite improvement over previous collaboration “Black and Yellow” and Snoop's dire new offering “El Lay.” Wiz does seem to be inspiring Snoop to be significantly more prolific, though, and that can only be a good thing for fans of West Coast hip-hop. The G-Funk sound really never goes out of style, and nobody did it better than Big Snoop Dogg.
Roll one up and enjoy “That Good” below:

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