Smokey and the Bandit

Though mostly toiling away in Spaghetti Westerns overseas during the late 1960’s (at the urging of pal, Clint Eastwood), Burt Reynolds finally hit paydirt in 1972 in the uber-disturbing Deliverance—and then posed nude for Cosmopolitan across a bearskin rug. Establishing himself as the macho man guys wanted to be and gals wanted to be on top of, Reynolds soon embarked on a string of personality-driven comedies that showcased his wily, moustached grin and comical “who-ha” laugh. Smokey and the Bandit, in which he sped a souped-up Trans Am cross-country to make the biggest beer-run in history (with buddy Jerry Reed and nemesis Jackie Gleason in tow), proved the most successful. Then-girlfriend Sally Field came along for the ride and helped turn the pair into the country’s most beloved B-film power couple. Check them out this week and relive those “East Bound and Down” glory days.

Wed., July 21, 7:30 p.m., 2010

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