Eat This Now: Holiday Pizza at Knott’s Merry Farm

Making a next-level pizza is not a task taken lightly. Every component of the perfect slice is hotly debated. Purists will verbally bitch-slap you for thinking it should be anything besides thin crust, red sauce, mozzarella and pepperoni. Office spaces make a point of ordering a cheese or veggie version out of dietary politeness. You may be a fan of brands that offer fancy add-ons such as fresh basil and roasted garlic, promising it piping-hot in about five minutes.

Whatever your favorite is, Knott’s Merry Farm invites you to push those pizza boundaries. Offered during its winter season through Jan. 7, the Holiday Pizza resembles a hot mess. However, if you’re a fan of traditional Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners, you’ll see the appeal of this pie. In place of tomato sauce, there’s a purée of cranberry and yams. Turkey and ham are adult versions of sausage and pepperoni. Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce and, of course, gravy are added. The kitchen didn’t want the crust to feel neglected, so they brushed it with a Parmesan-and-herb-infused oil. The flavors start to blend like a stick of Willy Wonka gum—minus any funky after-effects. Every bite is a meal in your mouth. Pick up a slice at Santa’s Christmas Cabin Hollywood Hits [Editor’s Note: They moved it after the first week.] and savor the fork-less wonder.

Knott’s Merry Farm is at 8039 Beach Blvd., Buena Park, (714) 220-5200;

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