Skrillex Defends His Music, In Illustrated Form

Burning Man attendees had their dusty panties in a bunch this week when Diplo and Skrillex stepped in to replace Seth Troxler at the Robot Heart camp toward the end of Troxler's set. Diplo dropped “Turn Down for What”–as a 'joke'–and reportedly, not everyone was happy about it.

“We've heard that there were a small amount of boos,” reports. “But Diplo did not get booed off the stage.”

According to Diplo, he and pal Shrillex were not booed. Here's a portion of the statement Diplo posted on twitter, along with our favorite responses to the debacle from

“Everyone on stage had a fun moment when we played a few tunes as we were Just killing time while the next dj was setting up.. We weren't kicked off or booed .. Jus wrapped our set up with an inside joke … And of all the stories to come out after an amazing week… This is pretty tabloidish that's not what burningman is about.. Everything we did there was good fun and all the people that attended knows it..”

Feel free to chime in if you were present during this heavily reported BM faux pas.

In other news, Skrillex has a 27-date U.S. tour lined up this fall. Also, he and Diplo are working on new project dubbed 'Jack U.'

“It's just a lot of fun for [Diplo] and I to get in the studio and make jokes and just really try to come up with the most annoying sounds ever,” Shrillex told “What we try to do is make the stupidest thing ever and make it actually work–that's our only thing.”

For a good laugh, revist “7 grandparents reacting to Skrillex,” a video compilation via

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