Six Trent Reznor Fan Portraits That Look Nothing Like Trent Reznor

We love the arts. We love NIN and Trent Reznor. We love when people paint portraits of Reznor that don't resemble him at all. Please enjoy this selection of fan art for sale on etsy. And artists, please don't be discouraged… we offer our suggestion of a comparable celebrity who your painting really resembles.

This illustration by BatCountryArt (above) answers the question: what happened to the kid from Toy Story after he graduated from college?

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This portrait by AngelsDevils (below) looks more like Reznor, played by Owen Wilson.

The quiet guy from high school who splits his time between Portland and Silicon Valley now… Print by IamAllaboutart.

We're seeing a young Steve Martin in this painting by KeithArtShop.

This drawing by TessaGerlach resembles actor Jon Hamm (from Mad Men), during an emo phase.

Reznor looks a bit too much like Marilyn Mason in this drawing by ArtbyLiza.

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