Six Most Anticipated Albums of 2011

Last year looked like it might be bleak in terms of truly great albums, but a few artists (Beach House, the National, Yeasayer, Kanye West) managed to produce some future classics in 2010. And now that we've turned the calendar, we look forward to the albums that will provide the soundtrack to 2011.


‚Äč6. Kanye West and Jay-Z
We have a love-hate relationship with Kanye. We love to hate him, and we hate to love him, but we really do love him. We cannot be more excited for Yeezy to take time out of his busy Justin Bieber-related schedule to (maybe) collaborate with Jay-Z. This summit of arguably the two biggest names in 2010s hip-hop could turn out to be the biggest release of 2011. Kanye already put out the most acclaimed album of last year, and Jigga always provides a perfect lyrical foil for his beats. Let's hope this happens.

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