Sip LBC Continues Through Saturday

The almost-but-not-really-OC city of Long Beach clinked glasses this past Sunday as Sip LBC celebrated all the libations they had to offer. From beer chugging to wine sipping and those farm-to-table cocktails, bar counters throughout the city are doing something special.

Despite being in its first year, the week-long party includes 35 local establishments ready to put patrons in a good mood. We won't bore you with an elaborate list 'o watering holes, but we will let you in on their “Triple Olive” events.


Earlier in the week, The Sky Room is offered an Amaro (an Italian digestif) dessert pairing. The Federal Bar will offer a secret selection of sour beers in addition to Firestone Barrelworks brews Saturday night. And for you folks in need of caffeine, Rose Park Roasters will conduct pourovers at Restauration's dog-friendly locale Saturday morning. With such a range of options, you'd think it was a Cheesecake Factory menu.

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