Should I Still Watch Leprechaun In The Hood?

It's the day after St. Patrick's Day, and that means there's a pretty good chance you said “Top O' The Morning” today to a hangover. Yes, one of the biggest party nights around the world celebrating the existence of the Irish and their many customs and contributions to the arts can lead to many mixed feelings the following day. As much fun as you may have had, some of those great ideas you had yesterday might not seem do great. While you may be right to second, or third, guess some of the things that were floated your way, one idea you should absolutely follow through on is whoever suggested you watch Leprechaun in The Hood.


Surely the franchise involving a demonic, but fun loving, leprechaun came up at some point in conversation yesterday. Was it Jennifer Aniston's cinematic debut in the first film? Was it the surprisingly disappointing results when he was shot into space? Was it a friend doing an impression of Wayne from Wayne's World doing his Leprechaun from Leprechaun impression? Any of these could slide easily into any Samuel Beckett or James Joyce discussion. But like all Leprechaun-centric discussions, at some point the conversation shifts to the question “Have you seen Leprechaun in the Hood?”

Unless you've arrived at the party fresh from a screening of Leprechaun in the Hood, your answer is most likely either “not for quite a long time” or, even sadder, a flat “no.” You probably made a mental note to watch it (again?) soon, but now that the shamrocks are slowly being replace with Easter decorations, you could very well be leaning towards waiting for next St. Patrick's Day when such a screening might be more fitting.

Don't do it. You should watch Leprechaun in the Hood right now.

For the uninitiated, it's the fifth entry in the immortal Leprechaun franchise. Warwick Davis returns as everyone's favorite evil Leprechaun, on a quest to retrieve his magic flute from a record producer (Ice-T) who imprisoned him and road the wave to fame and fortune in the 20 years since. Caught in the crosshairs are three up-and-coming rap artists named (in order of increasing absurdity) Butch, Stray Bullet and Postmaster P. Now, at this point you're probably wondering 1) are you sure this movie really exists? and 2) are you sure this movie can deliver on a premise so promising?

Let me answer your questions with a YouTube clip:

Folks, we're just getting started here.

It's a direct-to-video hip-hop movie, my favorite genre, so naturally we have to have some rap cameos, right?

Yeah, that's Coolio. That's not an edit of his scene, rather that's his entire involvement with the film. There's an good chance Coolio just swung by the set at some point and was told to take a surprised look in the direction of the camera for a shot that was woven into the film much later, but that's purely speculation on our part.

It's a mutant Leprechaun, it's direct-to-video “urban” absurdity, it's slapstick horror, what more could you want? The film the entire world demanded (which I'm solely basing off one summer in line at a Minneapolis Hollywood Video where the exasperated customer ahead of me yelled “What do you mean you don't have Leprechaun in the Hood?”) we fear a few of you movie snobs still might be on the fence about it. Well, fortunately to convert the last of you, brilliant YouTube user drabekia has re-edited the film as an opening to an episode of The Wire to get the very last of you on board:

The film is now available wherever fine movies are sold. We'll see you in the balcony. With the rapping leprechaun.

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