Shine Bright With THCA Diamonds! Our Toke of The Week.

THCA diamonds courtesy of Blessed Extracts

Every time I think that everything humanly possible has been done to cannabis someone comes and blows my mind again. THCA “diamonds” are formed during a unique process of both steady pressure, heat, and science. After removing all terpenes and lipids from the solution crystalline structures began to form, leaving behind tiny crystal pebbles resembling uncut diamonds. Expect to feel calm, cool, and collected after dabbing with these marvelous gemstones, although maybe it should have a warning sign or a support group for after you smoke because we couldn’t help finishing the petri dish full of stones in under an hour, and with a potency upwards of 95% that makes for an interesting (highly medicated) experience. Make sure you get these while you can, because these rocks are highly sought after and rarely stay on the shelf. I guess those wedding commercials were wrong, diamonds aren’t forever. Lucky for all you boys and girls in Orange County Mr. Nice Guy is here for all your jewelry needs.
Available at
Mr. Nice Guy
730 E Dyer Rd
Santa Ana, CA 92705

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