Shamrock 'n' Roll

Everyone knows that dressing up for St. Patrick’s Day is totally Gaelic. When it comes to the uber-haunted Queen Mary, however, it’s best not to unwittingly mash any poltergeist potatoes. It is therefore essential that you slip into your brogues and ginger braids and beards and get your jigs and reels raging alongside pint-pounding paranormal leprechauns and their admirers while Celtic shamrockers Sligo Rags, Oxalis and the Hollywood Stones fill the air with frenzy. This adherence to custom will no doubt ensure you one cheeky roll in the clover, either across the ship deck or in one of the stately QM hotel rooms, so take care not to spill your whiskey in a jar-o, ya gurrier.

Sat., March 17, 6 p.m., 2012

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