Shake N Pop

Celebrating Focus OC's fifth anniversary, Chicago's Green Velvet (Curtis Jones) brings his legendary crates of house-music wax and freaky, born-again/hedonism-hating morality to Newport Beach. For months, Green Velvet's been whipping hipsters into a froth with “Shake N Pop,” a quirky trinket of electro-house whose cheap, bleepy motif makes Depeche Mode sound like Kraftwerk-it's cute, but it gets annoying after the 97th hearing. The producer/DJ has many other tracks with more staying power, as well as his own labels (Cajual and Relief) from which to select loads of classics. OC rarely gets dance-music talent of Mr. Velvet's lofty caliber, so don't sleep on this.
Tue., June 24, 9:30 p.m., 2008

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