Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Never was assault and mass kidnaping so universally accepted as classic, family-friendly entertainment. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, the musical based on the 1954 film based on Stephen Benét's short story The Sobbin' Women, in turn based on Rape of the Sabine Women, comes around to the La Mirada Theatre for Performing Arts. The stage adaptation, widely performed since it's Broadway debut in 1982, follows the story of an 1850's family of crude mountain men who, after one brings home a lovely bride, decide to go into town to find ladies for themselves. After a massive brawl with town suitors that destroys a barn, they are banished—only to return one night and forcefully kidnap six girls they intend to marry. All set to jaunty choreography and cheerful musical numbers!

Wednesdays-Sundays. Starts: April 12. Continues through May 5, 2013

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