Sessions West Cost Deli Celebrates Anniversary With $1 Deal Tomorrow

Found on our Top 5 list last year, Sessions West Coast Deli won locals over with creative fillings sandwiched between perfect bread. While most new restaurants come and go, they are preparing to launch a second location in Huntington Beach. In fact, they’re about to reach an anniversary in Newport.

To celebrate, it’s a very simple deal: one of their best sellers for a buck.

Not to be confused with their Morning Zephyr, the Summer Zephyr is a signature bite. This (regularly) $9 order is stuffed with marinated tomato, fresh mozzarella, baby arugula, basil aioli, balsamic reduction and pickled onion on a toasted French roll. If you’d like to add some turkey, that will cost you $3 extra. We tried one when we interviewed the owners last year, and it tastes even better than expected.

Please note that this deal is only good on Tuesday, and it’s one sandwich per person. Now go score one of their premium parking spots, and don’t forget some Shaka Spuds!

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