Seriously Weird Bob Marley Fan Art

While art is a highly subjective creative form, it's incredibly easy to be judgmental when you see art as odd as the Bob Marley fan art we've found on etsy. Indulge with us.

This painting titled 'Blob Gnarly' by PaulHTardie (above) speaks for itself.


This Tribute to Bob Marley mosaic by jensblends looks more like a tribute to the Lion King.

This Dog Marley portrait by ChetArt explains what happened to McGruff, the Crime Dog: He moved to Jamaica to smoke all of the drugs he confiscated.

We're tripping over this Blue Bob Marley print by NRarts. Look at all the tiny details…

The flower painted in the eye socket of Marley's half-exposed skull does not lessen the creepiness of this mixed media painting by FifeFineArt.

Whoa, does Bob Marley have gold teeth? This Bob Marley print by VedranMisic makes us wonder if Marley would have ever teamed up with Snoop Lion.

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