Selena Tribute Night at Totally 80s Bar In Fullerton Welcomed Millennials and Their Parents

When telling people about your Saturday night plans in Fullerton, the infamous streets of DTF come to mind. The abundance of bars, college debauchery and lost high heels are the stuff of legend but there are other spots in town offering their own brand of hedonic fun. Totally ’80s, a 1980’s themed bar 3 miles away from the chaos of DTF is raising its own desmadre and has been since it opened about a year and a half ago.

Advertised as Orange County’s only ’80s-themed Bar & Grille, Totally ’80s sits off of Orangethrope Ave near the 91 freeway and looks like it could’ve been a Mexican restaurant in its past life. Yet the bar thrives as a cool retro club that pops off just as much if not more than the nightlife found in the quaint yet wild streets of DTF.

Ska styled black and white checkered floors, neon murals of ’80s icons such as Devo, the Ninja Turtles and Debbie Harry are part of the bar’s throwback charm. There’s even a mini video arcade by the dance floor — with a Pacman game of course! Every bartender wears an ’80s band t-shirt while pouring potent glow in the dark beverages with names such as “Turning Japanese” or “The Terminator.” $20 dollar fish bowls are available at the bar for those that have abandoned all regard for the night. Some folks get really into the ’80s theme by dressing up like Madonna or Don Johnson. (I’d personally go for the Molly Ringwald look.) Legendary disc jockey, Richard Blade also makes appearances from time to time. 

Live bands perform on the club’s main stage on occasion. On Saturday, the retro club welcomed a Selena cover band named The Como La Flor Band. The group was lead by a Selena doppelganger who spun and danced in a sparkly jumpsuit just like the late singer. Forget for a moment that Selena was mostly a 90’s act —it’s all in the name of nostalgia!

A line of eager folks wrapped around the bar’s exterior and through the parking lot which had already reached capacity by 10pm —leaving a majority of club goers to park far off into residential streets.
Once inside, the entire crowd sang along to Selena’s greatest hits. Ladies in tight dresses shook their hips washing machine style and drunk couples slow danced and sloppily made out to the Tex-Mex ballads. Everyone from paisas to gabachos, mothers to daughters, cougars to pups, OG’s and clean cuts were getting down on the dance floor and singing their hearts out to Selena.

After midnight hits from the ’80s were spun and the place transformed from a Selena tribute night into a foggy and sweaty generation x dance party. 

In addition to its great musical selection and nostalgic decor, Totally ’80s also hosts a wide age range of guests. For example, “I have two-year-olds to take care of tomorrow” was heard coming from a 30 something-year-old woman in the ladies room as she fixed herself up next to girls who barely looked old enough to get into the joint. 

With the Totally ’80s crowd being a mix of youngsters hoping to soak up an era they wish they were a part of and folks who were actually part of that era, one can only wonder if any millennials have ran into their parents here, if so I’m sure that didn’t stop either of them from coming back for the get down. 

Totally 80s Bar & Grille is open from Wednesday through Saturday, 7pm-2am.  $10 cover charge. 
2512 W. Orangethorpe Ave. Fullerton.,(714) 879-0108

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