See You At The Liquid Aloha Fest! Marc B Talks Summer Soundtracks


OC Weekly (Danielle Bacher): When was the last time you got lei'ed?

Marc Beauregard: When and where I receive floral necklaces is my personal business, thank you very much!
What song do you have that's a soundtrack to summer?
“The River” or “Mellow.” Seriously, all of it. You should all listen to my music.

Pineapple on pizza: yes or no?
It has to be fresh pineapple. None of this canned crap.
Which band member looks best in a bikini?
Extremely inappropriate. Our bass player Yoni…by far.
What's your favorite band to listen to on the beach?
Your mom's band. No, just kidding. She's not in a band. It's got to be Bob Marley. He reminds me of banana trees.
Who is a better tanning buddy: George Hamilton or David Hasselhoff?
Fake tan: G. Ham. Real tan: D. Hass
How does the band like to cool off?
We like to cool off with a dip in the ocean and a little Liquid Aloha. We'll see you all there at 5 p.m., sea people!

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