Secret's Out: Some Members of Black Flag Will Be Playing GV30 Sunday

UPDATE: And now here are the photos.

We promised you “surprise guests” in this week's cover story on Goldenvoice's 30th anniversary shows–and Black Flag has let the cat out of the bag on Facebook.


Okay, no, it's not exxxxactly Black Flag, but hey: still pretty exciting.

Billy Stevenson (Descendents, Black Flag), Chuck Dukowski (Black Flag, Würm, October Faction, SWA), Stephen Egerton (Descendents) and Keith Morris (Circle Jerks, Black Flag, OFF!) will be joining the final night's line-up of Descendents, the Vandals, the Dickies and more on Sun., Dec. 18.

See you there!

GV30 presented by Gary Tovar, features Social
Distortion, X, Adolescents, Bad Religion, T.S.O.L., Youth Brigade,
Descendents, the Vandals, Dickies and more at the Santa Monica Civic
Auditorium, Fri.-Sun., 6 p.m. $33-$99. All ages.



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